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Dear Tech Enthusiasts,

The quest for knowledge is a timeless human trait. From ancient libraries to today's rapid online searches, our journey to uncover answers never ceases. It's this innate drive to understand and learn that binds us all.

Ever felt the irresistible charm of a bookstore, the fascination of uncovering a forgotten fact, or the thrill of a new discovery? That embodies our collective inquisitiveness. It's also the reason our smartphones have become indispensable. Beyond the apps and games, they're our gateway to endless information. Whether it's the latest stock updates, sports scores, upcoming weather, or simple metric conversions, we're always on the hunt for answers.

In this era of digital wonders, platforms like search engines and voice-activated assistants are our go-to sources. They cater to our queries, making us more intertwined with the expansive digital cosmos we carry with us.

This ever-growing curiosity paves the way for content creators like me. Now, the internet is our vast reservoir of insights, with content spanning from globally recognized publishers to individual bloggers.

However, in this expansive content universe, how does one make a mark? How can your unique voice resonate amidst the cacophony?

Curious Compass was brought into existence for this specific purpose.

Our biweekly newsletter is crafted for tech enthusiasts like you. We dive deep into the different domains of tech, startups, venture capital, and more. We break down the latest trends, demystify complicated concepts with engaging visuals, and present content that's easy to grasp. Our goal is to be the link between your tech queries and the insights you're after.

Content has evolved from primitive cave sketches to the dynamic blogs of today. Each period introduced new ways to disseminate knowledge. In today's digital age, the opportunities are boundless. Every online query is a potential connection, a moment to enlighten and inspire.

As we embark on this journey together, know that your inquisitiveness is our guiding star. Together, we'll navigate, discover, and evolve.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure. Let's keep the spirit of curiosity alive!

I am honored to have you as a subscriber.

Bernardt Vogel, Curious Compass

P.S. Every query is an invitation to learn. If there's a tech or startup topic you're eager to know more about, drop us a line. We're here to navigate the vast digital expanse with you.

About Me

My name is Bernardt Vogel, and I am thrilled to be your guide on this exploration. Currently, I serve as a Senior Associate at VU Venture Partners and also hold the position of Venture Analyst for New World Angels.

Though my journey began in the Dominican Republic, I spent my formative years living between Nicaragua and the US, which provided me with a unique perspective on diverse cultures and entrepreneurial environments. I graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and further honed my expertise by completing an MBA at Babson College.

My ultimate goal is to make meaningful contributions to the world through venture capital by championing more mindful, purposeful investing. I firmly believe that we have the power to shape a better tomorrow, and as a venture capitalist, it is my responsibility to play my part in achieving this vision.

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VC at VU Venture Partners, Startup Advisor, Tech Enthusiast and Student of Life.